Hi! Here is a brief introduction to the project BioInterns.

Why BioInterns?

  • Aim: We want to inform university students of Biology/Biotechnology (but not only!) about the opportunities to do research during the Summer period in prestigious universities all over the world. All opportunities offered on BioInterns are paid.

  • How it all started: Many students in Biology/Biotechnology can’t wait to gain first hand research experience. Unfortunately, practical courses in a degree course usually involve overcrowded teaching laboratories where it is difficult to understand what doing scientific research actually entails. On BioInterns, we advertise internship opportunities that students can do over the Summer to gain hands-on experience and enhance their CV. These are internships in which each student is assigned an original research project and a supervisor who mentors him for the duration of the project. As a Summer research student, you are given the chance to contribute to scientific progress while experiencing another culture.

  • The minds behind it: BioInterns was created in 2019 by Valentina Lorenzi and Francesco Lotito, both master students at the University of Trento. Valentina is now a PhD student at EMBL-EBI while Francesco is a PhD student at the University of Trento.